Frequently Asked Questions

What is Atlas?

Atlas centralizes your team’s collective network to map relationships with unique insights to engage warm introductions at scale.

Who should use Atlas?

Network-first teams that are looking to manage, collaborate, and expand their collective network to drive introductions for talent, customers, investors, events, and more. If you find your team asking “who do we know” regularly, Atlas is for you.

Is Atlas a CRM?

No, Atlas is not a CRM. Atlas focuses on People enrichment, People categorization, and People search instead of focusing on just Companies. We complement your CRM with the ability to manage and track relationships at the People level.

Is Atlas an ATS?

No, Atlas is not a ATS. Atlas is often used as a network-first talent relationship manager, but it should not be used for high volume full lifecycle recruiting. We focus on turning network maps into talent benches and warm talent introductions, not cold bulk outreach or assessments.

How does Atlas differ from other relationship platforms?

Data is our differentiator. Atlas enriches and auto-tags your collective network with employments, industries, function, seniority, company size/funding, inferred work overlaps, and much more.

While many other relationship platforms focus on bells and whistles, Atlas tackled the hardest problem first to enable your collective network to be truly valuable.

Can Atlas integrate with other tools I'm already using?

We’re working on a more seamless experience between your CRM and other tools and Atlas - until then we’re happy to work with you to understand your goals and how to achieve them. 

What pricing plans are available?

Check out our pricing plans here. And if you don't see what you're looking for, let's talk. We have something for everyone.

What people say about us.

Atlas has become a critical piece of my workflow to help identify potential customers for our portfolio companies. The Atlas platform enables me to search through my team’s collective network, organize new leads into a shareable list, and collaborate on potential introductions easily and efficiently. The ability to update the status of leads with a simple drag and drop feature has been a game changer to help organize and track our outreach. An added bonus: our portfolio companies love the real-time visibility.

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Jannelle Matlock
Business Operations Manager

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