Unlock the power of your fund's network.

Your collective network is your greatest asset. Leverage it across your firm to unlock pre and post investment opportunities.

Utilize your firm's greatest asset, your network

Sync your entire firm's network together in one platform
Dynamic lists track relationships and people movements across your network
Enrich your network contacts with new insights from Atlas and leading data providers
Uncover the warmest paths to connect and reach anyone through your firm's 2nd and 3rd degree networks
Easily share network lists and insights with external partners and portfolios to drive outcomes

What happens when you unlock your collective network

Network Mapping

Build maps rooted in your investment thesis, giving you true understanding of your network's strengths, gaps and opportunities.

Portfolio Company Success

Target and track introductions to talent, advisor, and customer introductions across your portfolio companies.

Deal Flow & Diligence

Identify paths to connect with key founders and subject matter experts. Source new opps through your firm’s 2nd degree connections.

Potential Investor Outreach

Source top talent, BD for your portfolio companies, or deal flow for your fund through your investors’ networks.

Talent Benches

Build benches of the relationships you should make across function, title or scale expertise.

Backchannel references

Quickly connect with the person who has the background insight you need on a deal or hire.

Events & Target Lists

Use Atlas in multiple ways: get introduced to speakers for your next summit, quickly identify who you have connections with at an event you're attending and leverage your network on Atlas to schedule relevant meetings next time you're on the road.

Community Outreach

Create custom lists and views to keep tabs on your network with real-time insights and updates continually enriching your relationship data.

Unlock the collective power of your network.