Goodbye Cold Funnels

Leverage your network as a competitive edge. Gain insights on your customers. Focus on quotas around warm introductions. Discover why Network-led sales lead to faster outcomes.

Build relationships with your leads

Bring your entire sales team and your company's network together, in one platform.
Know automatically what's happening throughout your network.

Enrich your network with new insights from Atlas.

Find the warmest path to reach anyone through your extended organization's network.

Expand your view and strategically grow your network's reach.

Flip your funnel upside down

Traditional marketing and sales funnels take too long to build a relationship with your customer. Speed up your customer journey with a warm introduction, sitting in your combined networks.


Connect the Dots to Drive Real Results

Warm new leads

Take your list of cold leads and prioritize outreach to customers with a connection through your company's collective network.

Easy collaboration

Sync the network of your sales team, leadership team, and advisors, all in one place. Build lists of potential customers and collaborate across the team.

Backchannel referrals

Find current customers who are connected to your potential customers. Ask them for a referral and speed up the time to connect.

Event management

Going to an event? Use Atlas as your sidekick to build lists of customers you want to connect with (send an email ahead of time), track new relationships made and find potential leads.

Map potential customers

Build lists of your current customers to gain insights to their expertise, trajectory and connections to your network.

Increase odds of success

Warm introductions speed up the sales cycle up to +30%. Use speed to your advantage.

Join the Network First revolution today.