Your network means business

Thrive in early stages by getting the most out of your startup’s network. The highest correlation of startup success is the founder network. From fundraising to talent, sales, and advisory, Atlas transforms your network into your greatest asset.

Warm referrals work

Bring your entire firm's network together, in one platform
Know automatically what's happening throughout your network
Enrich your network with new insights from Atlas
Find the warmest path to reach anyone through your extended firm's network
Expand your view and strategically grow your network's reach

Efficient and Effective Growth

Find Your First Customers

You know who your customers are, figure out how to get in front of them faster. Leverage your networks to prioritize customers with the strongest chance of converting to your first MRR.

Find and Build Your Community

Track your community to identify your influencers, competitors, referrals and detractors.

Bring in Advisors & Board Members

Always be on the look out for the right building blocks for your company. Find the expertise you are missing and how you can find the right person within your extended network.

Target Your Next Fundraise

Start building relationships now with your next investors. It is never too early to start thinking about your next fundraise, the type of fund, and how you can get in front of them.

Hire Your Founding Talent

The right talent is your competitive difference and they are often connected with your extended network. Find them and their connections that can help sell your vision.

Join the Network First revolution today.